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New Audio Archives

     All the Sermons and teachings below are by R.S. Neaville and free to DOWNLOAD. Or listen to from the site on WINDOWS Media, Winamp, or real Player. There are over 460 MP3s available covering almost every biblical subject. The descriptions are listed with the titles. I recommend you start with the basic FOUNDATIONS offered on the School of Tyrannus page as the teachings below go fairly deep in the biblical concepts they deal with. Scroll down the page and you will see the Newer Sermons. Click the menu for Current teachings, theSeries teachings and the Assorted older Sermons and studies. Make use of these while they are here. Who knows but the Lord what tomorrow brings.. In Jesus,  R.S. Neaville

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New  Audio Sermons and Studies Archive

New  Audio Series Archive

New Audio by R.S. Neaville

1 Two Administrations
Phyisical and Spritual, Grace and the Law
2 God's Will
Understanding  what is God's will
3 You can't save yourself 
The futility of living according to human power or decision
4 The Impossible
The supernatural can only be accomplished by the power of God. Change is supernatural
5 Grace and the supernatural
Grace is impossible for you to produce alone
6 Condemning Adam
The destiny of the flesh and the phusical world
7 In the grace of Christ
Living in Grace and God's will
8 Abiding in the vine
Producing fruit unto God. 
9 Hopeles life
No hope in the carnal life
10 Reality of the sacrifice
What makes Jesus' death real to you?
11 Understanding Spiritually
Things every Christian needs to understand
12 Dead to sin
The death of our old lives
13 Unity is supernatural
God alone can uify us in the Spirit. We must submit
14 What we celebrate
What we as Christian Celebrate as far as holidays. Discussion
15 Eternal priesthood
A look at the Melchizadec Priesthood
16 The Day of the Lord
The Last day spoke of in Scripture and its true understanding
17 No Rapture
The fallacy of a pre tribulation rapture addressed scripturally.