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Prophecy for the Last Days Church

We believe that God is currently giving dreams, visions and prophecies that affect the whole body of Christ in the last days. If the Lord is showing you something that needs to be shared please send it to us and after prayer we will post it on this site if we believe it is of the Lord. We want to publish what God is saying to his people world wide. send all your dreams. visions or prophecies to:prophecy@propheticjournal.net

STOP! :A call to Repentance

by Jennifer Smith 02/19/08

 God is calling his
people. Is anyone listening?  To any who
will listen, heed the call, put away the fruit of unrighteousness.  Cloth yourselves
with righteousness.  God is telling His people to STOP doing what
is wrong.  STOP!

Stop expecting people to do what you cannot do
yourself.  You tell people that their
wicked deeds will send them to hell but look within yourself.  You can’t do a day
without quarreling.  You cannot go a week without cursing someone
when they do you wrong.  You claim God’s
grace but you cannot give grace to another.
Look at yourself.  You come to the
table with bloodstained hands… the blood of your slaughter.  You have not only beat
your sheep but you
destroy the flock of God.  SHAME!

Clean your filth and do not defile the table any
longer.  Dip your hands into the water of
Christ which he has given and rid yourself of this filth.  Call out the name of God
in your shame… cry
out to Him and He will hear you.  Let
their be weeping for the hardness of your heart.  Hear the voice of God.  Listen for
His voice for He is calling…  will anyone listen?  Where are the ones that will live
righteously?  Where are my children who
have put away the work of the flesh? 

God wants His children to live holy…  “be holy as God is holy.”  No one lives holy
any longer.  Too many people react to the flesh.  Put away the flesh.  Shepherds get
up in their pulpit every Sunday
and say to the sheep…  live holy but they
haven’t the first clue what it means to be holy as their lives testify against

You say that you love God but you spit in His face by the
way that you live.  You look in the
mirror and you do nothing about what you see and what is worse…  you ignore the evil
that you see when you
look at yourself.  Stop ignoring the evil
that you see and know in your hear, doing nothing to purge yourself of it.

Stop excusing the things that you do.  God’s forgiveness is not an excuse to
continue in your sin and your shame. 

If you want to inherit the kingdom of God you must live a
life of purity.  You must be holy,
letting yourself be conformed into the likeness of Christ.  Put away your flesh.  If
you are hateful, greedy, envious,
disobedient, full of anger, manipulative, sexually immoral, thinking evil…  you will
not see God.  If you refuse to be understanding then you
have forgotten your rotten sinfulness before you found Christ.  You have lost your
humility and therefore you
will not dwell with God.  Anyone who does
not imitate Christ is damned because the Spirit of Christ is not in you.  Any one
who does not have the Spirit of
Christ will perish into an eternal lake of fire where the worm never dies. 

I feel this burning in me.
Live holiness…  do no wrong.  Put away this world and the things of this
world and all of its offense.  Seek the
kingdom of God because this is not our home.
We are supposed to be people in a foreign land.  Every thing that this world has to
offer will
pass away being burned with fire.  Yet
the kingdom of God is eternal.  May His kingdom
come very soon.  Amen.

To The Priest of Eli

They have a form of godliness but they reject the power that
make them godly.  Apart from
righteousness you will not dwell with God.
I see these “men of God” and they say some right things but their hearts
are wicked.  If the light that you think
that you have is really darkness how deep that darkness must really go.

God’s wrath burns against you hypocrites!  Stop your ways and turn to God.  Repent
quickly before God cast you aside like
useless salt worth nothing but to be trampled under-foot.  The world blasphemes the
name of God because
of you.

Where is your heart?
It is so far from me.  Stop your
fornicating with this world.  Stop you
idolatry.  Turn to God’s.  His voice is heard by His Spirit.  Turn from this world.
You come to the table with the blood of my
sheep on your hands.  Go away and wash
the filth from you your fingers.  Clean
the blood off your hands you workers of iniquity.  God says’ , SHAME to your
wickedness.  Shame to your evil deeds and curse the ground
you walk on.  You have money but you will
never be satisfied.  You have people but
they will be taken away from you.  You
have much but it will never be enough.


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